Our Netherland dwarf bucks


RFB's Peter Parker, BEW Sr. Buck

Out of: Stox's Ditto (aka thor) x

Dragonfly's Jane Foster 

Simon’s/RFB’s Simba, vc black silver marten buck 

out of: Simon’s Rico suave x Simon’s diva

RFB’s Mickey, Vm black buck 

out of: RFB’s panda x RFB’s Mary 

RFB’s Milky, bew buck 

out of: RFB’s Elvis x RFB’s Nikita 

RFB’s dusty, bew buck

out of: RFB’s Peter x RFB’s Pearl 

RFB’S starstruck, bew buck

out of: Simon’s/RFB’s samba x RFB’S Mary

chinchilla, SQUIRREL & Blue silver martens

*we also produce blue otters out of this program as well* 

RFB’s Samson, blue otter buck 

out of: coin’s back down x RFB’s sky 

RFB’s Azlan, chinchilla buck

out of: HHM’s Bob x RFB’s Jean 

RFB’s quicksilver, squirrel buck 

out of: RFB’s Samson x RFB’s Astra 

RFB’s Aspen, blue silver marten buck 

Out of: RFB’s quicksilver x Coin’s Misty 

RFB’s Napoleon, chinchilla buck

out of: RFB’s Azlan x RFB’s gem 

RFB’s Ace, Opal buck 


RFB’s blue, blue buck

out of: RFB’s Milo x RFB’s Godiva


RFB’s Victoria, lilac doe 

out of: havoc’s brownie x RFB’s azula 

RFB’s haze, lilac buck 

out of: RFB’s blue x RFB’s Victoria 

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