Netherland Dwarfs

We mainly focus on the following ND varieties:

  • BEWS (Blue Eyed Whites),  
  • Chinchillas/Squirrels
  • Blue Silver martens &
  • Lilacs & Blues

We also produce:

  • opals
  • blue otters
  • black silver martens &
  • chestnuts

Holland Lops

We mainly focus on the following HL varieties:

  • Creams
  • Oranges
  • Frosty’s
  • Chinchillas/Squirrels, &
  • Blues

We also produce:

  • Opals
  • Blue/Black otters
  • Chestnuts, &
  • Brokens

Meet the Crew!

We love our bunnies! 

Ximena (Open)

Isabella (Youth)

Sophia, Jacob, and Aubrey (Youth)

“Breeding For a Reason”

We are located in Highlands County, in Lake Placid,Florida. 

We are a family dedicated to this wonderful hobby! We are not pet breeders. We are responsible, registered, ARBA breeders striving for the SOP (Standard of Perfection) and travel all around the US to compete at a national level.

All of our bunnies have different prices depending on quality. The ones we mostly post available are brood/show quality and if they are younger juniors (under six months old), then they are potential brood/show quality, as no breeder will be able to guarantee if they are show quality, nor guarantee their size until they are five months and older.

All our bunnies live indoors with AC in a clean environment that is cleaned and maintained daily.

We give them quality feed that we get delivered from “ROWE NUTRITION”. They get fresh Timothy hay and filtered water everyday.

Our bunnies have amazing temperaments. We breed for temperament first before quality, especially since our four kids handle our bunnies and show them.

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