Holland Lops Foundation Herd Does

Our HL Does that started us off!

From our first two Bradley x Chattanooga 

Fraine Farm’s Bradley Copper, Orange Brood Buck & Silver thrown’ s Chattanooga, broken chinchilla brood doe were the first two that we started off with in our holland lops. (They are now residing in their new homes)

We decided to focus on agouti colors in our Hollands to match our Netherlands as well as get the rare variety colors in hollands geared towards the SOP. We like a challenge! 

Our main focus was to better our lines to better the quality and temperaments. We have been truly blessed with starting off with Bradley & Chattanooga, because although they weren’t superior show quality and only brood, they were two solid bunnies that carried amazing lines when bred together. 

They now have many generations that are now producing amazing quality and temperaments themselves.

The top offspring in our does out of Bradley x Chattanooga is Ms. Queen Olivia. She is still producing amazing quality and temperaments in our herd and is by far my best mom in the rabbitry. 

In addition to Olivia, her sister: Sage (who now resides with another breeder), also produced nice offspring for us and we now have her daughters, granddaughters and grandsons in our herd that are now producing nicely for us as well. 

The third doe out of that same first litter that Bradley x Chattanooga produced for us was: Piper! She was the one that brought in the bone, width and balance (she now resides with another breeder). We have many offspring from her and those out of her always tend to bring in the consistency of her bone, width and balance.

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