Renew Farm Bunnies 



🛑 please read the entailed detailed information below and fill out our “adoption form” before proceeding! 

RFB’s Candy, BSD

DOB: 03/03/23

OUT OF: RFB’s Lucky x RFB’s Bubbles 

RFB’s Tessa, SSD

DOB: 10/1/23

OUT OF: LOCKHART LOP'S In a minute x RFB’s Pumpkin 

RFB’s Pumpkin, SSD

DOB: 02/13/23

OUT OF: Cammack’s Hal x RFB’s Katie 

RFB’s Carrot, SSD

DOB: 2/13/23

OUT OF: Cammack’s Hal x RFB’s Katie

RFB’s Butterscotch, SSD

DOB: 1/5/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Michelob x RFB’s Grace 

RFB’s Katie, BSD (Frosty)

DOB: 5/15/22

OUT OF: RFB’s Gus x RFB’s Lily 

RFB’s Sabrina, BJD

DOB: 2/10/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Michelob x RFB’s Bubbles 

RFB’s Tiff, SSD

DOB: 10/23/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Coral

RFB’s Speckle, BSB

DOB: 12/8/23

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Katie 

RFB’s Gumdrop, SJD

DOB: 3/15/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Gideon x RFB’s Candy 

RFB’s Fairy, BSD

DOB: 12/8/23

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Katie 

RFB’s Scout, SJB

DOB: 3/18/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Gideon x RFB’s Candy

RFB’s Drew, SJB

DOB: 2/10/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Michelob x RFB’s Bubbles 

RFB’s Starry, BJB

DOB: 2/10/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Michelob x RFB’s Bubbles 

RFB’s Laufey, SJB

DOB: 2/11/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Finn x Hirsch’s Curie

RFB’s Buster, SJB

DOB: 1/10/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Candy 

RFB’s Coca, SJD

DOB: 4/19/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Austin x RFB’s Carrot 

RFB’s Sweetie, SSD

DOB: 12/8/23

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Coral

RFB’s Dora, SJD

DOB: 2/10/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Carrot



RFB’s Midnight, SJD

DOB: 1/4/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Finn x RFB’s Zoe

RFB’s Daquri, BJB

DOB: 2/11/24

OUT OF: RFB’s Finn x Hirsch’s Curie 

RFB’s Michelob, SSB (Proven)

(need to get updated pics these pics were when he was a little younger) 

DOB: 7/25/23

OUT OF: Hirsch’s Cold Brew x RFB’s Coral 

RFB’s Turnip, SSB

DOB: 12/8/23

OUT OF: Cody’s Airbender x RFB’s Coral 



Cody’s Dolcettos, SSD

(Photo credits to the breeder) 

DOB: 8/19/22

OUT OF: Cody’s Topher x Cody’s Clicqout 

RFB’s Lollipop, BJB

DOB: 3/15/24

OUT OF: Cody’s Gideon x RFB’s Candy 

Hirsch’s Cold Brew (Herd Buck) 

Proven Herd buck 

DOB: 12/16/22

Cammack's Affogato x Cammack's Yuengling



RFB’s Potatoe, SJB

DOB: 10/01/23

Out of: LOCKHART LOP'S IN A Minute x RFB’s Pumkin 

RFB’s Brock Purdy

DOB: 05/23/23

Out of: RFB’s Zoe and RFB’s Lucky



RFB’s Iris, Squirrel Jr doe 

DOB: 2/10/2024

Out of: RFB’s Eli x RFB’s Miss Congeniality 

RFB’s Blossom, Blue Otter Jr Doe

DOB: 2/11/2024

Out of: RFB’s Laser x RFB’s Feather 

Sullivan’s Naterie, Black Silver Marten 

(Photo credits to the breeder) 

DOB: 10/19/22


RFB’s Abraham, Opal Buck 

DOB: 2/11/24

Out of: RFB’s Laser x RFB’s Feather 

RFB’s Henna, Chestnut Doe

DOB: 8/18/23

OUT OF: RFB’s Ralph x RFB’s Skylight 

RFB’s Evie, Blue Silver Marten Doe

(One of the best brood moms I have ever owned, has large litters and show sized babies) 

DOB: 3/8/22

OUT OF: RFB’s Azlan x RFB’s Feather 

RFB’s Cosmos, BSM

(Very good mom)

DOB: 2/15/23

OUT OF: Bond’s Swagger x RFB’s Feather 

Bond’s Swagger, Chin Buck

(Main top producer herd buck) 

DOB: 11/28/21

OUT OF: Bond’s BJ x Bond’s CBT

RFB’s Carmella, Chestnut Doe

(proven great mom/ need to get updated pick of her)

DOB: 12/11/22

OUT OF: Bond’s Swagger x RFB’s Feather 



Simon’s Levi, Blue silver marten buck

DOB: 6/22/23

OUT OF: Simons' Rico Suave x Sullivan’s Squirt

RFB’s Gigi, BSM Doe

(Very sweet, but very shy girl when being handled causing ears to go all the way back, her second pic of the front shows her ears picked up)

Wide, great mass, really nice coat.

DOB: 6/2/23

OUT OF: RFB’s Beast x RFB’s Kenzie 

RFB’s Abiah, Chestnut Jr doe 

DOB: 3/14/25

OUT OF: RFB’s Laser x RFB’s Cosmos

🛑‼️please note‼️🛑

we will not sell our bunnies to anyone that is planning on keeping them outside, even if on a porch, under a roof, especially in Florida!! 

Our dwarf bunnies are used to an AC acclimated room temperature between 75-81 degrees max throughout the whole year.

Below we have an Amazon link to all the must haves you will need to make your life easier and your bunny comfortable indoors.‼️


Renew Farm Bunnies’

Rabbit Sales Policy:

Health Guarantee At the time of the purchase. All bunnies are evaluated and leave our care healthy ( no teeth issues, snot, diarrhea etc.).

However, if for whatever reason the bunny becomes ill within that 7 days after leaving our posession (excludes: stress, over handling, transport stress, mistreatment, extreme weather conditions, food related issues, injury from drops or falls, etc), we will then do the best we can to get a replacement bunny to you as soon as one becomes available. 

You must show proof of sick or deceased bunny with tattoo visible via photo or video within the 7 days of leaving our barn or a veterinarian signed statement/necropsy. Any extra expenses like vet bills and so forth are the buyer's responsibility. Please contact us if there are any problems within the first 7 days after the purchase.

All bunnies are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to refuse a sale for what ever reason we feel is necessary. We reserve the right to back out of a sale and in that case a 50 percent of the total payment given will be refunded.

No bunny will leave our rabbitry that is under 8 weeks of age.

Pet bunnies are sold as such and without pedigree. Brood only bunnies are stated as such.

We cannot not guarantee a bunny’s show success, production or how it grows out. No breeder can make those sort of promises.

**Bunnies listed as show quality bunnies have been carefully evaluated to the best of our knowledge and ability and are free of disqualifications at the time of the sale. However, we urge buyers to evaluate the bunnies themselves or carefully evaluate at the time of pick up or the given photos of said bunny if the transaction is online and/or bunny is being shipped through a transporter.

**Our rabbitry is a closed rabbitry for health and safety reasons.

If you are a local buyer: Pickup is at our private location in Lake Placid, FL. 

❗️**Please note we will bring your bunny out to you as we do not allow anyone in our rabbitry for bio security purposes.

**If you meet us after you have paid and agreed on your bunny that you chose and you decide that you do not want the bunny; refunds will not be given unless a DQ is found that we were  unaware of.


Payments are to be paid in full in order to reserve your bunny. All payments are non refundable UNLESS, we terminate the sale or decide ethically, to refund half or all of the payment received. 

We have the right to refuse and terminate sales even if payment has been made. 

** Please note**

**We do not personally ship bunnies. We can provide you with shippers and transporters that we trust, if requested. The buyer is responsible to hire their own transporter/shipper as well as be responsible for the cost between both parties.

If a bunny is being transported (should something happen on the trip), we are not responsible for that bunny once it leaves our hands as it is in the care of another person. 

We will send transition food with the transporter and the pedigree will be emailed only to those that are responsible ARBA registered breeders.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL once the full payment has been received.



1.) ZELLE:



Prices are subject to change based on how an animal develops (unless payment has already been placed on that particular bunny).


GOING TO NEW BARN= full payment has been received.

ON HOLD= Decision has not been made yet from seller.



Bunny must be picked up within 2 weeks of payment/over 8 weeks old, unless other arrangements have been made.

We do not lend out our bucks for breedings due to safety and health of our herd! No exceptions! 

If interested in particular bloodline, please see our AVAILABLE page.

You can also contact us through e-mail/ FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM..

Message us about what may be available.



PEDIGREE INFORMATION and Our Mission as Registered ARBA Show Breeders:

All our bunnies have pedigrees and are pure bred. As show breeders we only give pedigrees out to registered responsible ARBA breeders seeking to better the standards, to breed for a purpose, and to keep the purity of the breeds alive. 

It’s understandable for a new bunny buyer to think that they need a pedigree to show their bunny at a fair, an ARBA show, or to have when adopting a forever, quality, loving pet.

For fairs and ARBA shows you don’t need a pedigree to show or participate. All you need is to learn showmanship and to make sure that the seller signs the papers that 4h or FFH provided them, to be able to show proof that the buyer bought their own fair animal. 

For non-registered ARBA breeders: we will provide a birth certificate with our rabbitry name on it as well as their Rabbitry birth name, bunny’s DOB and parents names. 

We have worked really hard on bettering our genetics, lines and focus strongly at bettering temperaments in our herd. 

Handing over a pedigree is basically considered “breeding rights” which is also why we don’t sell to just any ARBA breeder (not all ARBA breeders will breed to the standards).

Pedigrees are mostly used for breeders to determine how to breed and to see the colors, lines, and genetics behind them to help breeders determine which animals to breed in their herds to better the standards.

If and ever a buyer decides they wanted to be mentored to breed for a cause, to better the breed, and decide to register to be an ARBA breeder as well as register for the breed club that you are wanting to raise. Then after further evaluation and mentoring we will then determine if you will be ready to start using our lines for breeding.

we will be more then glad to mentor and offer good foundation stock. We want to be able to show our buyer every step of the way by teaching them to breed the right way, to breed the lines clean and correctly. 

We call this: 

“Breeding for a Cause”

To retrieve a bunny’s pedigree that a buyer has purchased prior to becoming a registered breeder:  Buyer needs to make sure that they keep record of their bunny’s: DOB, and parents exact names to be able to retrieve their pedigree from our software.

We take pride, love and care into breeding quality Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops.

We love for our bunnies to help out responsible ARBA registered breeders and love when they go to pet homes as well. 

Not only do we strive for the ARBA Standard of Perfection but we also made a commitment when starting in this hobby to try to make sure that they go to forever, loving, responsible homes.

Although we breed for the standard of perfection and strive to also do well at ARBA shows; we also see breeding as an art which takes a lot of evaluating, patience, love, focus, and dedication. 

We love each and every one of our bunnies as our family pets so we want to make sure our two breeds that we raise can stand true to their purity and standards for many centuries to come.


We are located in Lake Placid, FL. We do not ship bunnies nor transport. Buyer is responsible to pick up bunny at our location or hire their own transport from transporters/shippers we trust.

**Please note: 

When buying posted available young babies before weaning age: 

Anything can happen between transitioning stages from mom’s milk to solids. Some babies can fade due to organ failure and digestive system not working properly. While this is rare, it can and has happened in our barn before weaning age. We will make it right if so, by refunding or looking for the next available baby.


**If you do not live in Florida and will be needing transport please view our transporters/shippers we trust to transport our bunnies below.



 FULL payment  must be sent to:

1.) Cash app:

• $Renewfarmbunnies 

2.) Zelle:


**For more information regarding a bunny you are interested in. Please contact us through our Facebook messenger or our Instagram.

(Our social media links are on the bottom of this page)

�� Please fill out our adoption application form below:‼️

In the message box below, please answer the following with the numbers besides each response:

1.) which bunny, that is posted in the available section below, are you interested in? 

(Write their name) 

2.) Will you be housing your bunny indoors or outdoors?

3.) are you planning on giving your bunny a forever loving home (bunnies can live up to 11-13 years if properly taken care of)? 

4.) are you looking for a pet, to show at arba shows, or for the fair (4h/FFH)?

5.) if something unfortunate came up and you can no longer care for your bunny, will you be responsible to find a loving, responsible home for them and not take them to a rescue or let them loose?

doing so they will be tortured and will suffer as they are domesticated animals)

6.) can you financially provide your bunny the proper housing, supplies, and quality food needed to keep your bunny happy and comfortable? 

7.) do you have any other animals? if so, please describe your animals. 

8.) will you take full responsibility to make sure the bunny is always in a protected home where the other animals cannot get to him/her when you’re not looking or are not home? 

10.) do you agree with our policy noted above?



Read below to learn about how to be prepared before taking home your bunny👇

the link Below is where you will find all the essential items that I recommend for your bunny! 

(You don’t need it all at once but this will be your go to list) ‼️

*Below is an example picture of How i have my setup for my pet bunny named: Kristof. .

(all items in the photo are listed on the link below) 

‼️the top main items you should have before bringing home your bunny are:

1.) their new feed (recommended on the Amazon link)

*please note their is a young version pellet feed and a adult version:

young= under 6 months old

adult= over 6 months old).

*please transition your bunny slowly to their new feed: adding more of the old feed and less of new feed at first transitioning slowly each week until the transition pellets are gone. 

Add more hay then pellets at first. 

2.) quality straight Timothy hay 

3.) probios (this is to be given in their water about 1/4 of the scooper that comes in the container, then add water) 

*this is important to add into their water the first couple of weeks that they are in their new home as they do tend to stress to new environments.

4.) safeguard goat dewomer (only if needed and advised to give by us or your vet)

*please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here every step of the way! 

5.) Organic Apple cider vinegar 

6.) old fashion oats for treats only (not the microwave type) this is to be given lights as it is not healthy for your dwarf bunny to be over weight. 

Full grown weight:

Netherlands max healthy weight: 3lb

Netherlands max show weight: 2.8lbs

hollands max weight: 4lb

hollands max show weight: 4lb

7.) comb/brush


9.) litter tray

10.) bedding and pads for litter tray

11.) big heavy ceramic bowl for water and small heavy flat ceramic bowl for pellets

This is a Facebook group page that you can join and become a member.

Here you will learn and view example pictures of bunnies growth stages for Netherland Dwarfs and Holland lops.

to register to become an ARBA Breeder Click on the image below to go to their website:

to register to become a member to the Netherland Dwarf club and to learn more about the breed.Click on the image below to go to their website 

to register to become a member to the holland lop club  and to learn more about the breed. Click on the image below to go to their website.